What We Do

Our Mission

We are Christian missionaries working with Christian schools and fellow missionary organizations to spread the Gospel and disciple students through education, teaching and outreach.

Why This Need

There is a lack of Christian teachers in the mission field and we have been asked to help by two organizations in Brazil. The lack of teachers is due to the harsh environment the schools currently reside in (weather and crime), and a lack of teachers who are willing to commit once they have experienced the environment (some missionaries leave shortly after they arrive).

Organizations have reached out and expressed the need for teachers and people willing to serve in both K-12 and university level outreach.

Why Academic Missions Group

Our gifting, skill and careers have been focused on teaching both K-12 and college level education. Since we have years of experience in teaching several levels of academia we believe we can offer services to meet those needs in the mission field.

We have prior experience serving as missionary teachers in Brazil; specifically serving in the areas where there is a need. I also hold three degrees; Communications, Religion/Theology, Human Services in Communications which have served my college level teaching experience and have contributed to serving overseas.

I have prior experience teaching K-12 and currently teach at the collegiate level for four colleges. My time living in the harsh Brazilian environment and my experience serving in the military overseas has also given me qualifications for the mission field.

Missionaries serving Christian schools and organizations through academics.