Who We Are

Our Story

We currently serve in Belem, Brazil where we help with two major projects:

  1. Amazon Valley Academy (K-12): this is an old missionary Christian school where we currently teach Christian based curriculum and help build the school's programs
  2. Dia Gratia: we will be coming along side this mission organization to aid them in their Church plant across from a major university in Belem, Brazil. We will be aiding them in their college student outreach by teaching English classes and discipleship programs for those students.

There are many other missions projects we hope to help with along the way: tribal outreach, prison ministries, orphanage ministry, building projects. If you are interested in helping with any future projects please contact us. We are always on the look out for short-term missionaries or long-term missionaries to help out.

Our Vision

That the local students would grow to understand the Gospel and live a life for Christ. That we may be able to serve and invest in the next generation of Christians and use academia as a means to serve and help others. We hope to influence and recruit other Christians who have the gift and skill of teaching to come along and serve where there is a need for Christian teachers.

Missionaries serving Christian schools and organizations through academics.